What other jobs can you do with a Chiropractic degree?

One of the unfortunate deals with the COVID or Coronavirus Pandemic is a lot of good people are not able to do the job and career they have worked years educating themselves to. A lot of Chiropractors are going to have to find other lines of work. Maybe COVID isn’t the reason you are going to have to end being a Chiropractor. There is no tip toeing around it, it sucks not being able to use the degree in Chiropractor or DC that you worked so hard to attend. Maybe you do not want to be a Chiropractor anymore and just want another profession but do not want to go to school anymore. Well the good news is going to four years of Chiropractor school has given you knowledge that can be useful in some careers.

One career you can definitely consider is getting a job as a professor at a community college or a vocational school teaching anything from anatomy to physiology. Needless to say you now have the required knowledge to teach future medical assistants about anatomy. Most of these schools even have instruction at night which allows you even greater flexibility. Check want ads or other colleges and vocational schools to see if they are hiring instructors.


Medical Administrations- Needless to say you have a great deal of knowledge that should allow you to provide plenty of insight to most any job in medical administration. Whether it is an office manager position at a medical practice, medical biller or medical secretary, you are more than qualified to assume these jobs.

Pharmaceutical or Medical Sales Rep- This is just natural. Your D.C degree gives you a specific medical degree that allows you a great deal of leeway and information to be able to help companies recommend their products. Whether it is a Total Knee Replacement or a Muscle Relaxant ,what better representative for a company than someone that just spent four years learning this material. Now in order to find these jobs, you need a company like Jobscan that can help find the openings. This company actually has a good link with a lot of these companies and tends to be the first to find these openings.


Finally, be creative. You just finished four years of advance training and you are capable of so much. Do not relax. Find out what else you can do. People are always looking for Chiropractors to do jobs. At the end of the day you are a Chiropractor and have the degree. You can find something. Follow a passion of yours. Below I have left an ad for a company that has over 6,000 courses online that you can find a new career or training in. Click on it and maybe you will find something that ignites your passion.

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