A product a Podiatrist could sell to patients to promote circulation

As a Podiatrist you constantly see patients with bad peripheral vascular disease. There is only so much as a Podiatrist that you can do for these patients. You can trim their mycotic toenails and take care of the callouses. Then maybe you can refer them to a vascular surgeon or an Interventional radiologist for a surgical intervention. But what if there was a product you could sell or dispense to a patient that might help them at a reduced price? Now the nice thing about this equipment is that it is fairly mainstream and not some odd treatment. There is some science behind it too. On the bright side the product only retails at $200 so you can order them have them in stock and dispense to patients for $300.

We all know that patients with Peripheral Vascular Disease are under intense pain so spending $300 for a product that can provide proven relief really is not much cost. This is not some stupid vitamin pill or something. This is a simple treatment you can do by yourself at your house. So give it a try. I bet if you purchase them at bulk you can get it at a reduced rate, while giving your practice increased revenue.

Circulation Promoter – Special Package

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