All the Bunion Surgery Codes a Podiatrist will need

So you want to bill Bunion Surgery. Here is a simple guide to billing bunion surgery. I hope to explain them in English for both the Podiatrist and the biller.

28298: This correction for Hallux Valgus code is reserved for base wedge osteotomies of the Metatarsal, essentially severe bunions.  In other words, if the Metatarsal has a large intermetarsal angle and the Podiatrist uses a wedge osteotomy to correct this is the code you use.  Procedures that would fall under this definition: Scarf Osteotomy, Closing Base Wedge Osteotomy, Opening Base Wedge Osteotmy.  Now you are probably like SCARF isn’t at the base. Yes ,but it starts at the base and runs up the shaft which qualifies it under this code.

28296:  This correction for Hallux Valgus is used for the majority of your bunioneictomies. This involves the osteotomy at the distal end of the metatarsal.  The following procedures would be covered under this definition: Austin, Chevron, Reverdins, Youngwicks, Triplanar basically any bunionectomy done with a distal procedure.

28297: This involves correction of a Hallux Valgus deformity with a First Metatarsal Cunieform Fusion, essentially a Lapidus procedure

28292: This is when a Proximal Phalanx osteotomy is performed traditionally called an Akin procedure. This is generally reserved for mild bunionectomies

28299: This involves correction of Hallux Valgus with a double osteotomy of the metatarsal.

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