High Risk Podiatry Codes that can trigger audits

A lot of times people are worried about codes that can trigger Podiatric audits and what codes are the highest risk. Here are some of the most audited Podiatric codes:

11720 and 11721

EM Codes all codes with -25 modifiers

11060 or 11061

11050 series corns and calluses

All Orthotic codes ALL OF THEM

59 Modifiers

Plantar Fasciitis and Neuroma injections

11730 Nail Avulsion

EVERYTHING WOUND CARE (especially if you are in a wound care center)

If you are looking for a lecture on what you can do to document to avoid these audits this is a really good lecture on it:


If you are looking for a book on what to do and how to avoid an audit this is a quality book on that topic

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