How to bill for an ultrasound guided injection of a ganglionic cyst

Now there are two procedures that can be used for injections of ganglionic cysts. You can drain them or you can inject them with corticosteroids. Both are acceptable treatments and both injections are coded and billed similarly.

Whether the doctor is injecting or aspirating the ganglionic cyst the billing of the ultrasound musculoskeletal examination is the same. It is 76942- which is defined as Ultrasound guidance for Needle Placement (biopsy, aspiration or injection) imaging and supervision.

The second CPT code that is used for the injection and/or aspiration of the ganglionic cyst is 20612, which is code used for injection or aspiration of a ganglionic cyst.

If the physician owns the equipment he can bill the global fee without any modifiers.

Now to be clear if you have decided to bill this it is extremely important that your documentation of the ultrasound examination is thorough. In other words don’t perform the exam on some cheap 1950’s ultrasound machine. ¬†Ultrasound machines today are inexpensive and available on Amazon here is a simple one you can use:

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