How to Maximize your Podiatry collections.

You run a Podiatry practice. You bill correctly. You do everything honestly and correctly, and yet patients still will not pay what they owe you and insurance companies do not fully reimburse you.  It can be tough. It can be a struggle.  One of the things that sucks is every article you read about maximizing collections is basically an ad for billing services.  Hey we can help you get people to pay but damn it we are going to tell you, just use our service.  My guess is you are probably already using a service and are looking for another way to go about it.  As a Podiatry practice, getting paid can be hard and difficult at times. There is no magic bullet and there is no magical article that will show you the light.  I really think you need to go back to the basics and read a book from a medical doctor.  The book I recommend is:

It’s a comprehensive look at Medical billing and collections and I think it is very applicable to Podiatrists. (also you can buy it used on Amazon for as little as $10) So, in other words, it is a cheap way to take a long view at your collections on your Podiatric practice.  Listen, I don’t have a magic bullet for you to get Podiatric patients to pay.  Now if you are looking for strategies to get patients to pay I have found some videos here that discuss getting patients to pay. A lot of them are related to dentistry but the strategy is still the same.

How to Deal With Clients Who Won’t Pay – Collection Call Best Practices

An Easy Way to Discuss Payment with Patients

3 Tips To Getting 100% Payment from Patients

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