Looking to turn around your Podiatry Practice? Here are some options.

Listen, your Podiatry practice is struggling and you are running out of options.  What can you do to turn it around?  Most likely there is no silver bullet. There is no article or lecture that will turn it around.  If you are struggling you probably have some basic misunderstandings of how to run a practice. It’s not easy.  I am not going to humor you by saying if you just start selling some miracle foot cream it will all turn around.   What I can do is point you in the direction of some references that can turn it around.

First off, you need a book to evaluate your whole practice with. Go back to the beginning and rethink everything. That starts with getting the Medical Entrepreneur. It’s only 20 bucks and may be less expensive if you get it used.  It goes over the basics and you can get all your ducks in a row at last.  Everything from staff management to billing will be covered.

Now maybe that is too basic for you and you are looking for a more advanced book for todays environment. Here is book written after Obamacare and in this environment this book might be worth it to you.

Here is a book called The Fundamentals of Medical Practice. This is the book you probably need.  This is by far the most extensive medical practice management book on the market and probably the one to seriously consider.  This is a very extensive book, going over the all aspects of Pediatric and Medical practice that you could possibly imagine.

You might be reading this and thinking, “jack ass”, I am a Podiatrist! I want a more Podiatry centric book. I would argue it’s all the same and the books above are high quality and easy to translate to Podiatry. But since that is the case, this book, written by Podiatrists, may help. It’s co-written by Hal Ornstein, who used to be a big Podiatry practice management guy.

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