The Top Five Books you Need to run a Podiatry Practice

Running a Podiatry Practices is hard work and difficult. Having resources that can be easily accessed to help you undertake this is key. But where does someone find books on how to run Podiatry Practices and what books do you need? Podiatry Management is not easy and there no good courses that are covered in Podiatry School or business management.

So what do you look for in books in Podiatry Management? Generally you are looking for books that provide you ready to use knowledge on the nuts and bolts of managing a Podiatry Practice. Niche Books can be very helpful such as books on Medicare appeals, Billing and Coding. In some ways you are better off with books that devote themselves to niches as opposed to devoting themselves to every subject under the sun. So here we go. Here is my List of the Top Five Books you need if you are going to run or manage a Podiatry Practice:

How To Win a Medicare Appeal

Listen no matter how long you are in practice – one week or twenty years, eventually you have to deal with Medicare Denials of Services or Audits. This book was written by a lawyer who has represented hundreds of Podiatrists in fighting Medicare. Maybe you are not dealing with a Medicare Appeal now. But there is a good chance you will be dealing with a Medicare Appeal in the future. Having this book in your office as a handy reference for you or your office manager is a smart idea.

CPT Code Book Podiatry

The fact is all Podiatry offices bill and code. Billing and Coding is constantly changing. These books come out new every year. It’s a simple inexpensive way to keep up with the changes, and provides a simple reference for Podiatrists and billers alike. So yes, you need a Podiatry Billing and Coding Book if you are going to run a Podiatry Practice.

Podiatry Business Solutions

There are a lot of Podiatry How To books with simple practice ideas. Most of these books say the same thing: Market, Sell yourself, get a good website, etc. This is probably my favorite book of all the books on how to run a Podiatry practice. First off, it is written by a Podiatrist. The fact is Podiatry practice books a lot of times are not written by Podiatrists and that sucks. The other good thing about this book it is has a lot of statistical evidence and analytics to back up why you should do what they are suggesting for your Podiatry Practice.

Woundcare: A Collaborative Health Practice Manual

Remember what I said about niche books being ideal. If your practice does a lot of wound care or is looking to be involved deeper in wound care as a practice, this book is ideal. This book will lead you on the path to having a successful Podiatry Practice with wound care. This goes over all the unique aspects of billing wound care, wound care clinics, at home wound care, billing surgery. If you are looking to get into wound care this is the way to go.

31 1/2 Essentials for running a Podiatry Practice

If what you seek is a simple book to understand how to run a Podiatry Practice, this is probably the book to get. This book is really ideal for an office manager just getting into Podiatry. This goes through the nuts and bolts. A Podiatrist might find this too simple. But if there is an employee you want to introduce into running a practice, or you just took a job as an office manager and are looking for a simple easy book to learn from, this would probably be the book to get.

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