Why aren’t more Podiatrists selling CBD Oils from their office?

You would think Podiatrists selling CBD oil out of their office would be a natural fit. The CBD and Cannabis marketing is expanding at an exponential rate and selling CBD oil out of the office would seem to be a natural marriage. CBD Oil could be benefitted and marketed to patients with issues ranging from Diabetic Neuropathy, Plantar Fasciitis to Tarsal Tunnel.

One of these issues is to be the only one doing it and the laws. Well the good news is you do not need any special licenses to sell CBD oil in most states. CBD oil is also not a controlled substance so none of the regulations that goes with selling CBD Oils out of your office go along with CBD oil. Honestly, selling CBD Oil out of the Podiatrist’s office is as simple as buying a bottle for twenty dollars and selling it for forty, as there is a massive upcharge that one can perform with CBD Oil.

Now another issue holding back Podiatrists from selling CBD Oil out of the office is not knowing where to purchase CBD Oil for re sale. There are actually a lot of companies in the game. I listed a couple links below. It’s easy to do. Just click on the links, place the order for CBD oil and enjoy the extra revenue sources.

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